may gustong puntahan,

may konting pera,

may oras din naman..

pero walang kasama maglamyerda.

oha, i just made a poem. not my strongest suit, but whatever.

kapag nabuntis at nagkaanak tapos menor de edad, malande. kapag naman yung nasa tamang edad pero walang anak, masama pa ren.. ANO BA TALAGA society? make up your minds. geez. hindi ko na alam kung san lulugar yung ibang tao. ANO BA?

father’s day fiasco

every single damn year, its either i would miss this special day or forget about it all. 

this year, i tried greeting my dad, only one week earlier than the actual day.. LOL

i could never get it right. i can never remember his birthday even if i try so hard to instill the date in my brain. i know its somewhere in november.. 5 or 11.. i am not even sure.


you can’t blame me.. not that i am still complaining but i grew up without my dad.. he was not involve in my life. 

we’re ok now tho.. but the relationship is just weird and awkward.

i have no negative feelings about him or whatsoever.. we talk, and i respect him.

there’s just no deeper connection between us.

sometimes i think, maybe thats exactly why i cant remember when his birthday is.. or when exactly father’s day is.

it feels a little bit of a bomber that i always forget, in my defence though, i never get the chance to celebrate father’s day and his birthday.

i dont really know what to think of it. i kind of feel guilty sometimes that i wasnt able to greet him properly.. or just basically forget his birthday.

i know my bf’s birthday more than his.. and its kinda sad tbh.

i wish he was there more while i was growing up.. i wish he was more involved.

maybe my perspective towards relationships and guys in general would have been different.

maybe, just maybe.. i would be able to remember to greet him on his birthday and actually know when the date for father’s day is.


my salary? what?! excuse me.

that annoying/awkward moment when ‘some’ people ask you how much you’re making.. and you tell them lies as to what your real salary is.. PERFECT come back FTW. i aint telling people how much im making.. NEVER. i just think that one’s salary is personal.. just like how personal it is to ask someone how many people they’ve had sex/been with.. i dont get why some people would even blatantly ask/ put me on a “spot” for this RUDE QUESTION! i dont care if its out of curiosity. i think everyone should just mind their own business and stop putting people in an awkward situation. if you want to know, just look it up.. almost everything is out there in the internet anyways. i personally dont like lying, and not good at it. whats the point of askin’ someone about it anyways? is it to compare? or to feel good about yourself? is my worth going to be any less or greater than it already is to you? i would personally find it somehow ‘shameful’ to even ask people around about it. they would even add that ” if you dont mind” phrase.. OF COURSE, I MIND. everyone does when it comes to that topic.. im just saying, if we dont talk in a regular basis or if we’re not even “that” close.. then you shouldn’t be asking me that question.. PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF WHAT’s about to come out of your mouth. NOT EVERYONE IS OK WITH IT. it is super hard to be cordial and respectful to you at the same time.. so please.. come on people, show some RESPECT… at least. so for those people who asked me how much i’m making.. i most likely gave the fake answer. you dont have the right to know. you dont need that piece of information, its common courtesy to just let someone open up about it, if they even want to share.. ‪#‎sorrynotsorry‬
may ibang mga tao.. makapal ang mukha.. tatanungin pa kung magkano ang sinusweldo ko.. talaga nga naman ang mga tae.. i mean TAO pla. walang hiya. kung ako lang naman kase.. mahihiya na ko magtanong kung magkano ang sinusweldo ng isang tao kahit close pa kame. nakakairita kapag naaalala ko. how is asking that question going to benefit you anyways?