i am thankful for all the mean people who put me down when i was at my worst especially back then when i had nothing. i realized that i have to work extra hard for all my dreams so all the mofos like you can learn a lesson that while you’re at the top of your game, it is still very important to keep yourself well-grounded, thank you for making me feel so little and less of a person just because... you know what you did/say. it did hurt especially when its implied. although i can forgive, i will never forget the way you made me feel. you showed me the kind of person that i dont want to be once i have everything, i may have learnt things the hard way from all the bullies of every race but they only taught me how to be strong and stand up for myself. people think that i was lucky, and that it seems like i have everything.. but none of them knew what i’ve went thru to get to where i am right now.. so there you go..

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