father’s day fiasco

every single damn year, its either i would miss this special day or forget about it all. 

this year, i tried greeting my dad, only one week earlier than the actual day.. LOL

i could never get it right. i can never remember his birthday even if i try so hard to instill the date in my brain. i know its somewhere in november.. 5 or 11.. i am not even sure.


you can’t blame me.. not that i am still complaining but i grew up without my dad.. he was not involve in my life. 

we’re ok now tho.. but the relationship is just weird and awkward.

i have no negative feelings about him or whatsoever.. we talk, and i respect him.

there’s just no deeper connection between us.

sometimes i think, maybe thats exactly why i cant remember when his birthday is.. or when exactly father’s day is.

it feels a little bit of a bomber that i always forget, in my defence though, i never get the chance to celebrate father’s day and his birthday.

i dont really know what to think of it. i kind of feel guilty sometimes that i wasnt able to greet him properly.. or just basically forget his birthday.

i know my bf’s birthday more than his.. and its kinda sad tbh.

i wish he was there more while i was growing up.. i wish he was more involved.

maybe my perspective towards relationships and guys in general would have been different.

maybe, just maybe.. i would be able to remember to greet him on his birthday and actually know when the date for father’s day is.



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