hate this feeling.

i feel really bloated today… and also fat.
i even looked in the mirror to see how my tummy got bigger over the past few weeks..
it’s not a good feeling. i feel ugly. i feel so heavy.
i’ve been eating cakes, and chocolates. pretty much every junk food that you could think of.. i have it here.
i didnt even exercise so that maybe causing the bloating as well.
i feel so shitty right now.. and when i do, i lash it out on all the people around me.. i feel so envious of every single thing that i see on fb.
its such an ugly feeling.. its just when you’re feeling down, its so hard to be happy for other people’s achievements or happiness.
i cant help it.. but sometimes.. i dont even know if i do it due to hormonal imbalances or just simply because i am being a total bitch.
i hate it.

so many issues with relationships, family, work and career, it’s like my mind is constantly thinking about all these negative things, its only stressing me out.

i wish i dont have any problems. no matter how hard i try to avoid things, there’s always that something that comes up.


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