i dont understand why people live above their means, max their credit cards out, ask other people for money.. and yet blatantly expects “us” to pay for their important necessities when they can clearly pay for it but they couldnt because they are “now” broke.. i try my best to restrict myself from buying stuff that i dont need..

 not that i am selfish but you’re kind of being unfair. why would you get something when you clearly cant even afford it? how is that going to benefit you exactly? was it even worth it now that you cant pay for the more important things in your life? i refuse to spend a single dime on people who doesnt know the real value of hardwork and savings. i can morally support you, all the best of luck on your endeavours and as embarrassing as it is gunna get with you borrowing money from the people around you, i wont be touching that hard-earned savings account. i suggest that you to grow up and be responsible at least financially. you are setting yourself up in a serious debt. just trying to be brutally honest here, ‪#‎sorrynotsorry‬


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