my personal hassle/stress-free beauty hacks


if you really know me, you know that i hate takig that extra time for almost- useless kind of things such as anything that has to do with beauty.. not only that i am lazy but mostly, i just dont have that extra time to spare.. i mean, i’d rather sleep in than spend time dolling myself up.. that doesnt mean that i dont want to look my best tho. it also doesnt mean that i dont like taking care of myself.. ( i mean come on, every girl has to) so below is my proven and tested beauty secrets ( at least for me)


1. olive oil for super soft and shiny hair

have you ever tried almost all of the hair products out there but you still feel like nothing has change with your hair? well then, it wouldnt hurt to try and apply olive oil to your hair. i do it whenever i feel like i want that extra shine to my hair and it is always effective. almost like a new polish, hot oiled hair from the salon. i prefer not to spend lots of money on my hair but i still want to take really good care of it. i discovered this because one irritating morning,  i was suffering from an irritated scalp due to that stupid “dandruff”. it was awful so i was desperate enough to google every remedy out there since i cant get out of the house to buy a dandruff shampoo and i just dont like waiting for the doctor to have myself checked out. i warmed the olive oil up in the microwave, and massaged my scalp with it, covered it with a towel and went back to bed to sleep. when i woke up i washed it, and to my surpirse.. my hair felt extra shiny, silky and soft, just like the model’s hair in the hair commercials. it took away some of the itchiness but it didnt take all the dandruff away.


2. petroleum jelly as a make up remover

i dont know about some of you but taking your make up out when you get home or before you sleep is such a drag. its not just because its hard to remove from your face but its also hard to find the perfect make up remover that doesn’t sting my face. my solution to that problem? petroleum jelly.. since i can pretty much find it almost everywhere, it doesnt sting my sensitive face and it’s very efficient when it comes to taking all the make up residue. just wash your face with your normal facial wash, damp a cotton pad with warm water, apply desirable amount of petroleum jelly on it and there you go, inexpensive eye make up/ mascara remover that actually doesnt sting. oh, and it can also be a make up remover, just wash your face, get a cloth make up remover pad, apply live oil and rub the make up away from your face.


3. “aveeno clear complexion” foaming cleanser 

when im super tired or lazy (tbh) i just want to take all of those make up out of my face as soon as possible.. and this is how i ddiscovered that aveeno facial wash can actually act as an amazing waterproof make up remover.. you dont even have to rub as hard to your face to get all those junk out of there. (you shouldn’t anyways because that causes premature aging) but yeah, it works like magic.. just gently wash your face with make up with this product and you dont even have to do anything else.. just moisturize right after. 🙂


4. head and shoulders dandruff shampoo and conditioner.

as i said, i dont like spending too much money on beuty products.. and im sure.. if i go to a dermatologist they will prescribe some kind of a special dandruff shampoo which is more expensive.. so i went to the drugstore and bought the head and shoulders 2 in 1shampoo with conditioner in menthol. best 3 dollar i have every spent in my life. (it was on sale)



gtg, but i’ll keep adding more stuff on this list whenever i get into it..  🙂



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