facebook is becoming a motherfucking charity

some of you may know that i have 3 accounts, dont ask me which ones are fake because i wont be able to tell you anymore.
when i was in highschool, i usually forget my emails and password so i ended up having 3..
ok, i lied, i used to have 5 or 6.. and i know its crazy.. but whatever, i cant even open any of those anymore..
how it works?
simple.. when some motherfucker pisses me off in any way possible, i will deactivate that said account and will just use the other ones that  i have.
it may sound crazy to you.. but sometimes there are some  annoying little bitches that you cant just simply avoid, or  delete from your friend’s list/ life. (dont get me wrong, i ahve deleted a ton of “friends” from my list)
recently, in the past 7 days.. 3 people approached me.. asking for favors, donations.. cellphone and money.
its not that i dont want to help, im just not stupid enough to care ang give someone anything they’re asking me.. most especially when i dont have a “spare” to give..  dont expect me to go out of my way to touch my savings and buy you anythign you would ask me..
wth am i talking about? im just a selfish bitch. get over it.
i dont like dealing with other people’s mess or shit.. you are sick? and you need money? well, i’d say sorry but you brought that to yourself.. you should;ve took care of yourself ,
im sure if ever we exchanged positions, you wont be able to help me anyways right? why is your problem have to be mine as well?  i pesonally wont go messaging people on fb, asking them for money. i dont care who you are to me.. or what i am to you.. if you have been irrelevant in my life.. for the past five years.. then you get nothing.
i dont understand why its easy for some people to just blatantly ask someone they’re not even close to for money.. yes, i live in a first world country.. but it doesnt mean that i am rich and i could just shit money out of my freaking ass to give you.. it sucks, i know.. but thats the truth.
its funny because when i was suffering, people wont even offer help. and i understand, they cant do anythign about it, after all, it is only me against the world.
and people change. maybe i used to be the approacheable,  self sacrificing bitch, ..  who would even do anything to please everyone.. but that’s not the case anymore.
we are not close and i WORKED HARD FOR everything that i have and will have. i dont understand why you’re asking me favors like this..
so grow up and deal with your own problems. stop messaging people and shit. stop using facebook for donations please.. it is not meant for that.
 i don’t even know if what you’re saying was true. i hate when people, who i havent even talked to in the past whatsoever years would just think that its ok to ask me those kinds of things.
i posted a set of paintbrushes on my ig… and a friend of mine started commenting on it saying that i should donate it to her son because he’s an artist.. blah blah blah..
i was being civil enough to like her post and didnt say anything.. but what pissed me off is that she bombarded my post by showcasing her son’s artwork and telling me.. that ” oh im serious.. i want the paint brushes”
another motherfucker- bitch.
first, money and now.. the stuff that i actually own.. she didnt even ask if i need it.
anyways, i dont know how im suppose to feel, i felt kind of ashamed, i told myself, i shouldn’t have posted that picture.. now some motherfucker is asking for it.. there goes my freedom .. kbye.
i tried my best to come up with something so i could address her calim apporpriately. i came up with ” that’s really good to hear, blah blah blah, but i need it for…” blah blah blah..
i was like… wow jam, you are growing up.

but that didnt end there.

she  replied with.. ” oh.. im just joking.. my .. actually goes to an art school “:)
there goes the stupid motherfucking HUMBLEBRAG.
i just ignored the bitch.. but WTF. why would you go out of your way bugging someone about donation and then when everything gets kind of awkward and fucked up.. you would say BULLSHIT like that? defensive.
you just ruined my day bitch. i feel so ashamed. thank you.
im not even done yet… there are also people who i went to school with a couple of years ago.. that would message me asking for little favors.. like networking..
they would message me out of nowhere telling me that they need to do some kind of a “presentation” they need people to assess it.. and that i should ask around if anyone’s interested to sit thru a motherfucking 45-minute  presentation thru skype… yadah yadah yadah..
yea right. oh.. and they will try as hard as possible to be SOOO FUCKING VAGUE ABOUT WHAT THEY WILL BE PRESENTING ABOUT.. they will immediately change the topic to avoid your question or would just ignore what you just said.
i told her, hmm okay.. i’ll do it.. (in my mind, so i can maybe help you out) but no.. thats not enough.. she also asked me to give her some of my friend’s number/ skype names so they could also participate in this nonsense.
brilliant. but also an obvious bullshit. KAPAL NG MUKHA. as if i would dare giving my friends info.. i dont even know you anymore. i’ve known you from a club years ago.. and thats about it..
tutulungan mo na nga gamit ang kamay mo.. isasama pa hanggang braso. motherfucker talaga.
besides, who the fuck in their right minds would choose to sit thru a 45 minute skype call just for them to listen on a presentation that they dont even know about? and with a stranger they just met?
oppurtunista. ang mga tao nga naman. lahat gagawen para umunlad, pero walang pakealam kung pano nila gagawen or kung sinong maabala nila.
those are just a few examples of people asking for this and that.. when im on. facebook has turned into a charity. i used to like going in, creeping family pictures and friends back home.. but now? … you can be the judge. i know you have felt this way too.. maybe not exactly like this.. but oh well. its not fun.



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