are you blind? wear your damn glasses bitches! im over it, stop comparing people especially if they’re not gunna take it as a compliment. i find it really funny when people who are not even “close” to me and who’s presence and existence does not even affect my life in a good way would even have the guts to say back handed comments.. i appreciate all the constructive criticisms, im very open to it.. but just a side note, now that i think about it, some people would actually make that extra step to “downgrade” someone especially when they see something better than they already have. andameng maldita sa mundo, ang sarap hagisan talaga ng 40 pound plate sa pagmumuka. kala mo naman kung sinong maganda/sexy.. ang yabang yabang.. puro pretend! keep your 2 cents.. im good. mga echuserang inggitera.


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