how i not eat junk food.

people often ask me.. “how do you keep yourself from eating junk foods?”

i dont, i eat as i please..

people who are close to me would often see me devour chips, rice, noodles, bacon ❤ chocolate, buffets, greasy chinese food and softdrinks etc. its hard “not” to eat/drink those food nowadays.. they’re not that bad and im not going to try to talk anyone out of eating it.. they’re so convenient for us to have and we crave it. most of all, they’re delicious..


it is hard to be 100% healthy nowadays. so in order for me to reach my fitness goals, i kind of have to give myself a treat or cheat. and im not gong to be a hypocrite about it. sometimes you just dont hve the time to prep your food, buy groceries or work out.. so you cant always follow thru.. sometimes we cant help but finish that large bag of chips, disregarding the calorie content or chemicals in it.

it may sound crazy for some people but i actually find help with instagram.

im not perfect and there would always be those days when im craving,  cant help myself.. i would eat whatever and however much i want until im almost throwing up.

so in order for me to make a healthy choice, i would prep a healthy meal.. may it be breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks.. and post a picture on instagram.. and then EAT the good stuff.



after that, im full.. and i dont even think of eating that bacon or bag of chips waiting for me in our kitchen 😛


i know, i know.. im aware of other people who disagree with the way people are obsesses taking pictures of their food or almost anything under the sun..

but the thing is, im not a disciplined person, im weak when it comes to food because i love food. and this is my way of getting thru the day to help me make a better decision. 

so follow me if you like..

jdbrh on instagram 🙂 hehe



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