what i think about it’s judy’s life on YT!

i have discovered them recently and i am happy that i did. its very entertaining watching their family.. judy being feisty and a sexy momma.. benjie being all funny and  healthy and of course julianna who’s super duper cute!!! and yes.. also the twins.. hehe.. when they come out.. 🙂
not a perfect family but you can see they make the most out of their days.. and you can just see that they’ve been blessed with a beautiful life.. you wont just laugh watching their vlogs but you will definitely learn something out of it.. and feel inspired! (just exactly my kind of thing)
ever since i discovered them, i got hooked and became addicted, i kept watching every single episode in their channels.
for anyone who dont know them yet, i definitely recommend them because they’re just like #teamkramer living the north american dream.. which makes me want to watch them even more because i can somehow relate to them.
its funny because i discovered them by searching cloth pad reviews on yt. haha. who would’ve known right?

let me just say.. anyone who has a family like that should consider themselves lucky and should treasure all the moments and acknowledge that they’ve been blessed with such a good life because not everyone has that.. more power to judy and her fam 🙂


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