time flies. it seems only yesterday when people were greeting me on facebook.  

nothing special today.. idk, it kind of feels awkward to celebrate today or maybe it feels that way because im not used to it.

im just cleaning my room now. i guess, when you get older, it annoys you when there are so much clutter around. 

well, i try. my head hurts when i see stuff lying on the floor. ugh. i was never like that tho growing up.. haha.

people really do change! 😉 

i ate so much today like there was no tomorrow. and i also feel sleepy now..  oh well.. another day. thankful because i can eat, and buy whatever food i am craving for. 

so far from that little girl who used to get hungry all the time and wasn’t able to buy food.

it’s very safe to say that i have given with so much blessings – achievements, experience, lessons and people in my life right now.. some of them.. i didnt even ask God for. 

i am not the perfect christian.. and i must admit that i have a lot of things to learn and discover regarding that religious matter.. but i am very thankful for everything that i have.. even for the things that i dont have right now.


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