its my birthday and its weird that i dont feel the urge to post something.. knowing that i usually have alot of things to say like my mind was going to explode.

i just want to share and also remind my future self that i have been very blessed despite all the negativities around me.. and that i dont forget to see life as it is even though i complain alot. hehe

no parties or anything today.. since im too lazy to organize one.. and it just feels like another ordinary day to me..

thankful for all the wonderful relationships with the few people i consider who are truly close to me throughout the years:)

maybe someday when i feel like it, i’ll organize one huge party when im with them.

its too funny, because i feel soo sleepy.. today and probably tomorrow. haha

my craving for straberry shortcake is gone now. but i am craving for siomai/ dumpling!! ahhh (mouth watering)

my boyfriend eats alot and loves food. whenever i see him eat something, i crave for it too.. and eat it the next day or when i find out that we have it.

anyways thats all for tonight. im really too tired and lazy.. maybe thats because i havent been working out lately. idk i might quit going to the gym since im not that fat anyways. and i look good even when im chubby 😛





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