i have ZERO tolerance to people who are using their illness as an excuse to be rude or give someone else an “attitude”.. its annoying. cut the crap. i cant help you heal or “not die” if you’re going to be disrespectful towards me. i dont get where you’re coming from..  and im not going to feel guilty about this. hindi drama ang totoong buhay. masyado ka na ata nasosobrahan sa kakanood mo ng drama, stop being so manipulative.  by all means, lash out on something or someone else but leave me out of your drama.

word of advice, if you are trully ill, maybe you should try spending your last days to INSPIRE instead of purposely/ manipulatively begging for sympathy. stop making excuses for your own actions. have at least the “balls” to be responsible for what you’ve said and done..

who knows, if what you;re trying to say about your health is true.. maybe his is the perfect time to re-evaluate how you try to deal with the caring and loving people around you.. 

people are smart. they can smell manipulation from afar.

im sorry. but im not sorry. peace out!


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