-yung dating batang frisco.

maximum of 4 eggs lang daw a day.. pano to.. i usually have 10! LOL. while growing up.. my lola would always feed us eggs and rice back home.. cuz she’s always in a “budget”. she would make boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, sunny side up.. pretty much every type of egg that you could think of.. lol.. sometimes with tender juicy hotdog, sometimes with ham, or noodles! (para may sabaw) doesnt matter what time of the day it was.. “nanay” would make dinner, lunch and brunch( cuz i dont eat almusal, i usually wake up late!) out of eggs.. i miss those days! we may not be rich.. and we may always go hungry abck then.. but if it wasnt for that, i may not be the person that i am right now.. those hardships.. would make you the stronger person that you are today.. you learn to value and appreciate things in a different way. i just realized, fave ko pala ang scrambled eggs. especially the one that nanay used to make all the time for us. walng keme keme sa cholesterol! mas payat pa ko non kahit naglalawa sa mantika yung eggs! wala lang naalala ko lang..  -yungdatingbatangfrisco.


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