what i brought to the hospital :)

what i planned and brought to the hospital :)

it’s valentines day, and i had to go the emergency because i thought my appendix just exploded.. yes, not where i planned to be on vday.. but who cares? i kind of learnt alot during my short stay at the hospital.

it was 10:30 pm and i was on my way to work, when i felt a sharp stubbing pain in my right lower abdomen, the pain was bearable but as a nurse, i immediately thought that if my appendix was actually about to explode then im in trouble because my job requires a lot of heavy lifting.
during my break at work, i listed some things that i think i needed to ge through the day at the emergency..

just to give you guys little bit of a background about myself, i live in canada and i just know (from experience) that there will be a long wait at the “emerge”

sooo.. here are the basics (well what i at least thought of bringing with me)

1. a huge purse/bag

it can be your gym bag or a back pack it dpends on your preference really because you need something that is easy to carry but can hold alot of things that you think you will need on that specific somehow kind of boring day..
i just brought with me my guess purse, it held up pretty nice:) it held all of my stuff including the neck pillow.. haha

i dont know if you guys like big purses, but i do.. and i found out that its just ” hard” to bring large purses around the emerge where you do a lot of transferring from one room to another.
anyways, i’d give it a a 7/10 just cuz i think its better if someone would just carry it for me..
but in my mind.. “you’ll never know.. i might stay there longer”

2. beauty/ toiletries essentials

i brought with me my lip balm/s, travel size mouthwash, facial tissue ( just incase i need to vry or sneeze or whatever), hand lotion, and hand sanitizer

3.my wallet

inside it i have my:

– “HEALTH CARD” if you live in canada you’ll know how important to not forget your health card, our health care assessments are free.. but they need the health card (forget everything else except this.. LOL)
– debit card/ credit card
-cash (i think its really cool to always come prepared, at all times with a cash on hand) people rely so much on their debit/credit cards / atm machines.. it still nice to have at least 10-20 dollars with you just in case..

4. fun stuff like books/ magazine/ your tablet / phone with earphones / video game (if you’re a dude) and their CHARGERS! please!
and yea, i do it.. i charge my gadgets at the hospital.. may it be music, reading or games.. you need to entertain yourself when you’re there

i dont need to elaborate this one, you will get bored. so you might as well bring anything that will help you “kill time”.

when i was there i just pretty much relied on my phone.. but i was so tensed and there was no signal from where i was. so i just took a nap.. i brought the books with me just in case i need to stay there a little longer than expected 🙂


yes, i took a nap at the hospital, in the waiting room. (you cant blame me, i just came from a night shift)
and without my neck pillow napping would be impossible.. it was kind of a hassle bringing it with me but it fit inside my purse and i was able to nap comfortably, nothing beats that when you have no reception and you’re just extremely tired from work 🙂

6. water bottle/s

i brought two so that i dont have to buy or get from a fountain.. but you can just bring one bottle, thats up to you.. just in case you get thirsty.

7. snacks

i just brought with me chocolate, sliced apples and candy, i would normally bring nuts with me anywhere i go but i was rushing so i just grabbed whatever.

they did not let me eat/ drink tho.. anything tummy related is automatically NPO (nothing by mouth)

but if you’re there for something else then its nice to keep snacks with you.. 🙂

and those are all the things i brought with me..

next blog would be about the my hospital outfit.. and what i learned when i was there..


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