what i wore this month (WIWTM) :) (january-feb)

what i wore this month (WIWTM) :)

im addictied to cloth pads.. no doubt.. here are my fave last cycle.. last cycle i liked lounging at home.. i didnt work or go out.. i enjoyed reading and watching my fave series.. and that is why as you can see i have used quite alot of my eleven inches. i have to admit i am kind of hesitant to share my views and what i know about cloth pads.. this is because people.. (including my mom) have the wrong connotation about them.. i find it hard to share it on fb, instagram and other networking sites that i am in. dont get me wrong tho.. even though i feel ashamed of sharing it just because i care about what others may think about me, i still love using them.. its just aan awful lot of SHAME that people thinks negative about them.
they are amazing.. and i believe that girls especially the ones who just started their periods should be given the option to know about this- the option to choose between reusable and disposable menstrual products..

i hate it when my mom tells me that it is traditional and appears to be gross using these things.. when she was younger, she dreaded her cycle experiences because she was using cloth pads.. she hated caring for them after every cycle.. because its too much of hassle and apparently a waste of time for her. i guess, she’s trying to tell me that its just easier for her with disposables.

as her daughter, i dont feel the same. (dont et me wrong tho, i love my mom to the moon and back) but i somehow wish she would just let me be – after all, this is my body, i’d do whatever i want with it.. and i honestly think that there’s nothing wrong with using reusables. i admit, it takes a little longer to have them wash after each cycle but they give me so much comfort ( something that any kind of disposables wont give me, not even the organic disposable tampons or pads)

i am 22 and i just recently discovered reusable mestrual products. ive been using disposable pads ever since but they give me so much pain. they iritate my skin, i couldnt take it anymore. thats when i started searching for other options.. hoping that maybe there’s another way for me to find some kind of comfort whenever i have my period.

i came across cloth pads, but then i didnt give them a try right away because i thought they were very expensive, more expensive than disposables and so i started using TAMPONS instead since alot of girls in youtube are raving about them, stating that they like them more than disposable pads.

there was a slight relief, using tampons but i didnt like the way it feels when i have to take them out.. and the hassle that i need go through when i started trying them inserting them inside my body is horrible. at least thats how i find them.

i think before i even tried tampons, i discovered the DIVACUP.. i bought one at a local organic store since walmart and other grocery stores dont carry them yet ( i dont know if they do now). i tried it.. and i just couldnt bring myself to insert it successfully ( but this is a complete different story)

maybe 3-4 months after using disposable tampons and pads interchangeably, i decided to take the plunge and bought my first set of LUNAPADS.

i fell in love with them and i started to discover menstrual health and other stuff relating my womanly body.
and i also started building my stash 🙂

i wish i had discovered them years ago.. and i should’ve never hesitated to try them when i first discovered them. i will never go back to disposables again.


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