im not saying that i am keeping my hair this short forever. its just right now base on my needs and time.. there’s just no other way for me to keep up with my long hair.

whats the big deal anyways? buhok lang yan.. tutubo din yan.

keeping your hair long should not be the basis or foundation of how you see/ feel beauty and security. within yourself.

yea, yea, i get where some girls are coming from. i enjoyed having my hair long for quite awhile too. dont get me wrong please.

its just easier for me right now.

ngayon alam ko na why moms cut their hair.

1. less shedding

2. easier to manage, wash and go.

3. it wont get caught up with your shoulder bag or coat. especially kapag winter time. brutal ang winter, always finding ways to pull my hair! ouch!!!

4. the feeling is very liberating, ang gaan sa pakiramdam.

5. less time spend on hair. perfect for single girls who are working two jobs and who are always on the go.. like me πŸ™‚

6. change. kakasawa din long hair all the time. please naman. more tangles!!!! this one is big for me. i always wake up with tangled hair every morning.

8. less time spend in the shower. πŸ™‚

and those are all the reasons i can think of right now.

go ahead, its fine if you want to keep your hair long.

im not convincing anyone to chop all their hair off.

i want to say so much more regarding this topic but i kinda have to go . so till next time. πŸ™‚


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